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My interview with Johanna Rothman goes live on ITConversations.Com

Guest host Roy Osherove speaks with Johanna about everyday problems in project management, software delivery and the hiring of technical people. They discuss interviewing strategies, and some bad examples of interviewing technique. Also: How do I improve myself as a project manager?. How do I deal with unrealistic project deadlines? What's wrong with running multiple projects at the same time? What is the most common management mistake? [ Listen ]

Johanna has written over 100 articles and papers and is now a columnist for Fast Company’s online career center, Software Development,, and Johanna is the author of the highly acclaimed Hiring the Best Knowledge Workers, Techies & Nerds, and is the coauthor of Corrective Action for the Software Industry. Johanna is also a host and session leader at the Amplifying Your Effectiveness (AYE) conference.

Now is also a great time to mention that Johanna has two wonderful blogs: Hiring technical people and  Manageing product development. Both are a must read for managers and developers.
The interview was a good 85 minutes but I had to cut it short to around 60 minutes.
Overall here are the conclusions:
  • I sound really weird in the first few minutes, and it may be a little too self critiquing, but I really was breaking my teeth for the first few sentences. I should be more adapt at this.
  • There were some wonderful questions in the interview, and some of the really good ones were "donated" by my wife, Tal. Thanks honey :)
  • Johanna is a great interviewee.  It was really fun talking with her!

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