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Team Agile - It's time to start my own business

In 3 days I'll be leaving Magen, the Microsoft Technology center in Israel. I've worked there as a senior consultant for the past year or so. I feel it's time for me to pursue my passion and interest in the past 2 years or so: Agile development. In magen I started the whole field of agile training. I was speaking at user groups about it, I was doing conferences about it, and lo and behold, people were starting to show up at the door, wanting training and mentoring on Test Driven Development, Agile concepts such as XP or Scrum, and more things. I realized that this is in fact what I want to concentrate on.

So, I'm starting my own business.

Say hello and welcome to Team Agile

Team Agile

Team Agile is a one man show providing training, mentoring and development of materials and infrastructure for organizations wanting to learn more and become a little more Agile. The site is just in first swing, so it might change. I'm not too crazy about the logo right now, but I think for now it serves the purpose. I do need to find something a little less cheesy.

Life is funny that way. About 2 years ago when I started this weblog I was in a job I didn't really like, wanting more out of life. Ever since, through this blog and the great developer community in Israel, I've been able to drive myself further and further, and to slowly start achieving my aspirations. Today I find myself at a totally different place. Being an MVP, a known speaker in Israel and a leading figure in the Agile field here, that's what it's all about. Opening my own business feels like the next logical step. Things look promising so far. I think I'll have even more leads when this blog gets out. I tried to keep quiet until now so that things go smoothly for existing clients I still visit as part of my work at Magen.

In a month I'll be celebrating 2 years for this blog. God only knows where I'll be when I celebrate 4. All I know is that It'll probably be even better.

Promises to keep:

  •  I did not forget about my promise to keep doing the TDD workshops. I'll just have to find a new place to do them now. For all those who are waiting - stay tuned (or have your boss contact me for actual training courses for your team)

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