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[Interview] Jonathan de Halleux on mbUnit and model based testing

You may have noticed that lately I've started to interview people I find interesting. Such was the case with Johanna Rothman, and now it's Peli's turn. All interviews will be hosted from now on on Team Agile's interview page.

Download the interview from here


Jonathan(a.k.a. "Peli") is best known for his work on mbUnit -an alternative unit testing framework for .Net development. He just recently joined Microsoft in Redmond to work there as a tester on the CLR JIT team. His weblog is filled with interesting news about testing techniques, and also a great source to learn about various Addins he is developing for the well-known Reflector tool. During the interview, Jonathan talks about a variety of topics, including Model Driven Testing, Object relational mappers, code generation and also about other things he's created such as ReFly and TestFoo. We also discuss new favorite features in .Net 2.0 and Pair Programming experiences with Jamie Cansdale, maker of TestDriven.Net.

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