• Udi Dahan shows a simple and effective way to make your exception data more readable in the event log. Yeah. It's really simple.
  • Aviv raff is an up and coming Israeli .Net blogger. He's had 6 posts already (which is why I am linking to him) on various subjects, which is more than I can say about many other (unnamed) Israeli .Net bloggers. Go Aviv!
  • A new version of NUnit is out - with extensibility features, Yey! Now you can finally write your own attributes and test suites (for example - a transactional test case, or a multi-threaded test suite...)
Anything else worth mentioning? tell me.
P.S - E&C
C# is going to have "Edit And Continue" ability. Say what you will, but I can only see goodness in this. Do all those anti-E&C think that now, that E&C has come to C# than suddenly all those developers will stop doing all the up-front design, unit tests and what not? No. It's just another aid. It's like the spare wheel in your car - It's not recommended to use it as a standard while driving, but it's damn good to have it there for those little pieces of time you need to use it.
("gah! With true TDD you should never have to use it!" someone might say, to which I'll reply - "get over yourself, this is the real world". In fact, I dare any anti-E&C buff to have it enabled but not to use it from now on for 2 months. can you do that?) 

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