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Some news while I was gone

 - TestDriven.Net  tool suite is on air - and it looks like an integrated solution that combines MbUnit and the NunidAddin into one mixed pile - allowing you to have all the power of MbUnit along with all the power of the Nunit-Addin. This, by the way, means that with that tool suite you'll be able to step into a test that contains a [Rollback] Attribute and you'll be debugging inside a COM+ 1.5 transaction. Ain't that sweet? Thanks Peli and Jamie. You two guys have done more for the Unit Testing in .Net world than anyone else ever since Nunit came along.
-Refactor! for .Net is a new Addin from the creators of CodeRush.  Some of the features look really really cool. Now if I could only have my way and have all the Addins I know and love run at the same time: CodeSmart, C# Refactory, Resharper and CodeRush . Can you do that people?
-DotNetToolPak - combines several useful free tools into one installable package. The Regulator is one of them. I'm honored!
-YAUTT (Yet Another Unit Testing Tool): Zanebug   (via
-I just met Alik Levin today at Microsoft and it was his first day there! Congratulations Alik :) Alik has been posting some great how-to movies in Hebrew about .Net on his blog. He also tells me that my name is doing the rounds at MS Israel. Now that can't be too bad, can't it? :)
How to stay updated after a vacation trip:
If you ever leave for a long long time and want to catch up on the blogsphere - Just go to - Mike Gunderloy picks up all the interesting tidbits throughout the day and blogs about them. A great way to stay informed, while reading sarcastic remarks from a cynical man about stuff you didn't think about.  All the news I just gave you came from his links. Great job Mike. Keep up the great writing (no. he's not paying me to write this)

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