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The way it ought to be - Microsoft and feedback

This is exactly how it should work:
You post feedback on an event you have been to, your blog is read by one of the presenters in that event which then posts on his own weblog on the power of feedback and tells his manager. Later, the presenter's boss reads the original blog post and posts a details answer on the how's and whys of each point made, making sure to learn important lessons from this feedback and even suggesting ideas for the community for future improvement.
Sounds like fiction? Check out this post from Dave Donaldson giving event feedback, make sure you read all the comments on that post (notice responses from Rory and his boss). Then read Rory's response on his blog. then read Dave's "I'm happy with the end result" post about the whole thing and realize that blogging and feedback makes for happy clients, even if you screw up.
Yep. This is the way it should work.
Even in Israel.

Have you been involved in an Agile project in Israel?

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