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Blog like nobody's reading

Darren likes to change his IM name when he's online to interesting sentences. Right now it is :
“Work like you don't need the money. Love like you've never been hurt. Dance like nobody's watching”
Heh. One might add, in the spirit of the times:
“Blog like nobody's reading”. Now there's a real challenge for you.
Back in the day (About a year ago?) when I just started blogging, I could write whatever I wanted. I knew that my current boss would never read what I wrote and I didn't even consider that someone might be googling me a few years from now. That led to a pretty interesting (and sometimes totally stupid and pointless) blogging experience. As time went by I find myself changing the way I approach writing this blog. I have a lot more dillemmas concerning what I can and cannot write. lots of self cencorship, not neccessarily technology wise.
I keep fighting the urge to write what I think people will want to read and just write what I want to. The last few posts were just like that. I wonder, a few decades from now, if blogging will truly be considered some sort of a communication revolution or simply a small spec of dust on the pages of comunication history. Will the dillemmas that are just now starting to haunt the blogsphere be remembered?

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