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My secret agenda

This is to all you folks who think my blog posts that “complain“ about stuff have an agenda behind them for getting more hits or any other thing.
I'm an opinionated guy, if you have not noticed by now. I say what I believe in.
I do *not* have a secret agenda. Whatever “agenda” I may have It is usually stated right there on my blog or even on my post. Believe it or not, I do this thing because I love it and I care for the stuff I write about. I complain about stuff that matters to me and that I find important to the community. Yes, I do have a big ego and I do feel I sometimes speak for others who don't have a blog but feel the same. I think MS and the community should be able to hear voices from all sides of the fence and sometimes, just sometimes, those voices may not be telling you stuff you like to hear. well, tough. I may be wrong(at which case I retract or apologize and try to check before I leap), but then again I just may be right. Whatever it is, you might want to listen, because I'm not doing this for some secret black ops mission behind the scenes. I am your *best customer*, Microsoft. I am the one telling you what I don't like as well as what I like.
as for community leaders - don't take anything I say to be against you personally. Nothing is and there is nothing I like more than meeting new people. But sometimes people write about stuff that I just *have* to comment on. Which I do. And you know what? if you think I'm wrong you can always write a comment and I'll read it. I might even realize your point of view makes more sense and switch over. That's life.
I think that looking at a situation that you find disturbing in a way and watching other people just *not say anything* is one of the things that drives me crazy the most. Sure, I'll take a deep breath, but after counting to 20 if I still feel like writing about it, I'll do just that. At worst case a conversation will start and end.  At best case it will have made some kind of difference, taken notice by someone, or even just let me fan out some of my emotions. Amen.

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