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Missed the Google lecture, but here's a short summary

I didn't get to go to the Google lecture like I wanted to, but I hear it was really good!
here's a blurb from the Google Blog about this lecture:

Ido Kenan, NRG Maariv has filed a story about Google's ethics committee. He sent us this translation:

Google has an ethics committee for decisions on changes to their algorithms. The committee is comprised of Google workers "who are concerned about ethics", said Dr. Eran Gabber, a software engineer with Google, at a lecture yesterday (Monday) at the Tel Aviv University.

Dr. Gabber came to Israel to recruit Computer Science students for an annual Google project, where 100 students from around the world are invited to work at Google for a 12-week period during the summer.

Dr. Gabber said: "We change Pagerank when we find that spammers are abusing it, but we don't change it often. There's an internal ethics committee in Google. Internally, there are people who are concerned about ethics. In Google, there are a lot of people who find ethics important".

There are photos at the original article (in Hebrew). Thanks again to Ido Kenan, NRG Maariv for this story.


Geez, just like the news paper to focus on the “non geeky” stuff. I wish they had taped it somewhere so we could see it. I'd translate the whole thing myself if I had time (and money, and a big plasma TV),

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