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T- (11+30) + explanation + apology

First, I apologize for any problem my little contest scheduling conflict caused. Before I explain exactly what happened, I'll just say that the contest will close at June 30th (end of next month) and not the end of this month.
Now for what happened: there is one very good reason for my annoying actions regarding the contest end date: I am somewhat stupid. That is, my brain sometimes fools me into thinking I've done stuff while in reality I've done different stuff. Take the code contest for example. When I decided to lengthen the contest, I wanted to lengthen the submission time by one extra month. not two, but one. That means I wanted to extend it until the end of May (this month).
Somehow my fingers and brain told me to write “June“ instead and I happily went on my way with the fact that the contest ends this month planted firmly in my brain all the while telling the outside world that it is ending one month later.
SO yesterday I put in a friendly reminder that only 11 days left for submissions and I get a friendly question saying that it actually says “June“ in the contest page. Again, stupid me, I just went into the page and “fixed“ the date to show what I had always thought was the real date. Since I was in a hurry to get out for the weekend dinner I didn't even stop to consider the consequences this has on people that rely the later date. Sorry again. my bad, totally.
So, the date moves up by a month and hopefully everyone is happy again. I hope to see some cool add-ins coming up. Sorry for any misunderstanding this may have caused.

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