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[Coding Contest] Most Useful/Innovative VS.Net Add-in/Macro (and some huge prizes)

So here's the deal. We hold a contest.
It will be called Most useful Add-in/macro for visual studio .Net
You send me your submissions (including code) and according to who wins, we give out some prizes.
The judges: Mike Gunderloy, Frans BoumaRory Blyth, and myself.
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Submissions accepted only until the end of June (June 30th)
Only new code please! don't submit something that's already running out there in the wild. this whole contest is about new stuff and not re-packaged stuff, thank you.
the 3 finalists will receive some cool prizes.
Also, all submissions will be released to the public as free source for people to use and enjoy(with due credits).
Code can be C# or VB.Net, your pick.
Mail it over to Contest At Osherove dot com with all your details (including website links and such)
Only entries with code are accepted.
1st prize:
2nd prize:
3rd prize:
the most crazy and innovative add-in (not necessarily useful!) will get a special prize from me:
Hopefully these prizes will help motivate you a bit :)
Some thoughts for possible add-ins:  Refactorings, color and font themes, chat.... get creative!
Let's see what we can come up with, shall we? Now's your chance to shine!


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