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Announcing:Coolest Add-in Contest - Entries available for download

Coding Contest: Coolest/most useful VS.Net Add-in or Macro
Announcing the Add-in Contest site:
Site features:
  • Lists all the entries that were eligible to enter the contest, along with a download link and short descriptions. (some of these are pretty cool!)
  • Prize list
  • Judge list
  • Schedule for contest phases
  • All add-ins and macros come with their own documentation in the zip files. Some have more(or much less) documentation that others - be warned.
Hopefully (but we're flexible here) by the end of this month we will have a finalized list of winners.
Known issues:
* yes, I know the site is slow.
* yes I know you can see links for administrator features on the site. Fortunately - you won't be able to use them (you'll get a user pass dialog). Anyone know how to turn these off by the way??

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