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Add-in Contest winners announced!

The final winners for the Add-in contest are:
Total prize worth that we'll be handing out: over $2,000.
I'd like to thank all of the prize contributors for their help in donating these cool prizes: SyncFusion, AxTools, DevExpress, Solutions Design, Matt Mickiewicz , Mike Schnikel, Joshua Ledgard and Mike Gunderloy. Thank you folks.

1st place: GhostDoc
Author: Roland Weigelt
GhostDoc is an add-in for Visual Studio .Net 2003 for automatically generating those parts of a C# documentation comment that can be deduced from name and type of e.g. methods, properties or parameters.

2nd place: Solvent
Author: Travis Illig
Solvent adds functionality to the Solution Explorer window.
Items include: recursively...

3rd place: GoogleFind
Author: Martin A. Garins
Search Google with the Highlighted text from your code window in Visual Studio and the results come up in the traditional Help/Web window in Visual Studio

Most Innovative: StepFilter
Author: Jean-Sebastien Pelletier
Website: None
Enable/Disable the "Step Into" debugger behavior on code multiple points using regular expressions.

Winners have already been contacted by emails. Check out the amazing prizes they are Going to get.
Thanks to all those who participated and sent in entries. I promise this will not be the last contest :)

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