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Testing Blogs at Microsoft, and Addin contest news

I had a great time today, doing yet another talk a “Ness” - one of the largest companies in Israel - about Agile development and XP projects. (We're working on making this talk again in the coming month available to all user group members).
Anyway -I found an old friend there that just started out as a QA lead, and was telling him how he could find a vast amount of information about testing from the guys at Microsoft that are in charge of testing - the software test engineers. I remember some posts out there that were talking about  the growing list of testing blogs and resources out there. anyone have any idea where that post is?
Right now I could find this blog from STEs: and it looks promising.
Leave a comment with resources you think I should point to next time he asks me.
 As for the addin contest: results will be announced by the end of the week hopefully. I'm trying to make this close as soon as I can ,but real life comes in and like in a lot of community projects - I jsut can't find the time to finish this. All the would be winners: stay tuned. I know how much this means to you!

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