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Have you been involved in an Agile project in Israel?

In the recent week my company, Magen has begun offering a new line of Training services: Agile and Test Driven Development. I'll spare you the details (If you want more details simply contact me through the contact link or to "Roy at Magen dot Com") but suffice to say that there is a big "boom" of requests for this type of knowledge, and that can't be bad.
So I was at a client's site the other day discussing how TDD might be able to help their development process and I get asked this question:
"Are there any success stories in Israel relating to Agile Development that you can tell me about that Magen was not a part of?"
Sadly, I didn't have a good answer. I'm almost sure Udi was involved in some, but that's about it. The fact of the matter is that this stuff is relatively unheard of in Israel Dev teams, and if it is heard of, its usually in the confines of rumors and conversations, almost never in a real project.
So here's a question for y'all Israeli Devs out there -
are you involved/were involved in a project in Israel that used Test Driven Development/Unit Tests/eXtreme Programming or anything else that can be considered "Agile" and lived to tell about it?
what were your experiences? Good and bad please.
Feel free to contact me directly and tell me about them or leave a comment to this post. I'm looking for real company names in Israel and contact names I can call and talk with directly ("Roy at Magen dot Com" is my email).
I remember speaking at the Israeli .Net architects user group about Agile Development concepts and there was a guy in the middle row talking during the break about his own experiences with XP. If you're reading this, please contact me. I'd love to know all about it.
It's important to know of any real world projects who've done this, and I'm not just talking about adding to the marketing hype. People who've done this sorta thing before will be able to contribute lots to the Agile User Group I'm planning to establish in Israel. So again, please contact me.

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