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New CLR Profiler version available

I forgot to mention the other day that a new version of the CLR Profiler is available for download. Here's a link to an earlier entry where I wrote about using it to dissect SharpReader's memory usage.


'nuff said.

Oh, and Don, that was pretty low of you, even if you didn't mean it...I do hope that I completely misunderstood because you're one one my code heroes. How about dropping by and explaining? From that post by Julie it seems I'm not the only one bothered by it.

Update: Ok. I was a little quick to respond there. Her'es a by John C.J on this matter:

” think you are misinterpreting his comment. I'm a VB developer (and have been for several years) with a strong interest in security. The older Windows security APIs are (seemingly) deliberately VB-unfriendly. They simply can't be used from VB and are unreasonably difficult from VB.Net.

I took that comment to mean that the security guys realized that we VB developers need to be able to use the new security APIs. That is, I saw the comment as an acknowledgement of failure on Microsoft's part, not a slam against VB developers. “

Ok. My bad. Accept my apologies. Peace is back in the land of the self righteous:)

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