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State of alternative languages on the CLR?

James points to an interesting question:

Staffan asks:

All these languages (Smalltalk, Python, etc) are pretty far from being strongly-typed imperative languages, so it seems that it is indeed possible to use more dynamic languages on the .Net platform. Indeed, Jim Hugunin, the author of IronPython (and Jython, the Python-on-JVM implementation) notes that while his initial intention was to write an article titled "Why .NET is a terrible platform for dynamic languages", he ended up with the conclusion that the CLR is indeed a good platform for dynamic languages. My question is: Is anyone using these languages on the .Net platform in real projects? I'd be very interested to hear any success stories.

Any Answers?

I've personally have never used any of the alternative languages in .Net. Only VB,C# and C++. I did take the time to check out the implementation (or was it the Smalltalk.Net implementation?) but didn't get too far on it. It would be interesting to see if anyone actually has done some real world work with these .net dynamic languages. Well? Any answers?

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