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Homesick, EIF and a session state FAQ

I dropped of the Mrs. this morning at the airport going back home to Israel. Will see her in a month and a half. Boy was that hard. Luckily it was a pretty swift goodbye since we were almost late for the plane. While I'm writing this she is still waiting for her second connection flight that will land her into her parents arms to celebrate the Hanuka holliday and to start a new job on sunday. Honey, I love you and miss you very much.

Now, to business. Part of my job here at Norway is to basically be a "goto guy" about any problem a developer encounters that they cannot find a solution too. Funnily enough, I always know only a fraction of what people ask me since the issues range from WMI issues to session state support. The fraction usually entails basic knowledge on the target area and broad knowledge of the .Net "knowledge map" (that is, I know where to look for the answers, or so I'm told).

This is going to be fun. I'm encountering stuff here that I never had to do before(you know how it is, you never "encounter" stuff that you don't have to) and finding the answers is almost as fun as coding them. My guess is that in the coming weeks my links will entail a more "exotic" flavor of stuff I never blogged about before. For example:

  • EIF newsgroup :We're currently having a serious problem installing EIF on a machine that has both 1.0 and 1.1 installed. the EIF installer insists that we need to have 1.0 SP2 of the framework of 1.1 of it installed on the machine. It is blind to our pathetic pleas saying "but we do!" and answers back "huh, you know not what you do!".

after a long search it looks like it just might be a WMI corruption problem (we're still trying but that might also be a dead end.. Also opened a call on the MS support center). However, I found a great resource for EIF Q & A: it is this news group from microsoft: on the server. Lots of EIF Q and A there so you are encouraged to ask.

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