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Service announcement: Feedable and Regulator live again, and Norway tips

Ah. My home machine is back up meaning Feedable is live again and so is The Regulator site. For some odd reason, the only person in the world who can not access these sites is little ol' me from Norway. Ah well, as long as you all have you fun..

Also, here are some tips for your first week in Norway :

  • Disregard the first day entirely.  Everything will look better int he morning (although the sun only rises at about 9.45 am at winter here)
  • Norwegian Keyboard layouts suck. I haven't had this many typos since my cåt jumped on my keyboarf ;)
  • If you don't eat meat, don't come here, or use the BYOF principle(Bring your own food). (I'm not a veggie, but my wife is and it was not easy)
  • Norwegians are quiet people. So quiet that it took me a week to actually fully hear and remember the names of the people here.
  • Get ready for some amazing landscapes
  • get ready to spend LOTS of money. This is the most expensive place I have ever seen. Some examples: McDonald's meal costs about 35-40$, white boards for your office (the ones you can write and that erase), simple freaking white boards costs around 500$ each (yes, five hundred dollars each). And going to the supermarket here is..well.. an economic "experience".


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