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Well, I'm totally impressed. (link via Cameron) are offering the same service as Feedable, only they have an advantage: They automatically create the RSS feed on the fly from the site you give them, whereas Feedable is actually manual labor. I'm impressed. I tried throwing them and it worked beautifully recognizing the RSS headers.

One con: the RSS feed contains commercials that appear for like 10 -15 seconds before the actual RSS content appears. If you wanna remove that you have to "sponsor" the channel. Still the idea is very cool and I do wonder how they recognize the headers. It's not perfect tho. Throwing them a Hebrew news site gave me an empty RSS feed, but I did not expect for it to work either.

The nice this is that someone has been able to come up with some sort of economical model for this idea which is fine. Feedable is merely a proof of concept of an article I've written and was never intended to be an all encompassing solution (well, at least not at first).

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