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Tool: The complete idiot's add-in for signing your assemblies with a strong name

It is a shame that this ability has not been created sooner (shame on me, that is) but better late than never. Robert Mclaws has just introduced an add-in that allows you to easily manage the fuss that using a strong named assembly entails. For now, it is completely free (but you need to register on his site). How very cool.

To me, Strong names are one of those features that I sort of fear, along with other stuff such as GDI+ and WSE . I guess I'll be needing it someday, but that day has not yet arrived.

Update: Frans posted a complete idiot's list of the manual things you have to do. It is pretty easy to do, but I still like a plugin that does stuff automatically. Life.MakeEasier()== Developer.IsHappy.

(disclaimer:  Having a plugin does not give you the right to not understand what it is doing behind the scenes. do it manually until you understand it, then use the plugin to appreciate what (and if) it is worth to you. )

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