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more SQL optimization resources and a bonus tip

Michal suggests a few more SQL optimization links in return for my optimization experience:

  • SQL Server 2000 Performance Tuning Tools
  • Performance Category on
  • Performance Tuning articles on SSWUG.ORG
  • SQL Server Center, Oracle Center, DB2 Center - SSWUG.ORG (SQL Server Worldwide User's Group), SSWUG RSS via WEB2RSS
  • Also, Kyls writes:

    "I wish there was an option to tell SQL Server "No matter what, never table scan a table with more than a million rows; if you come up with a plan that does that, punt and throw an error message instead, so a DBA can fix it, rather than pound on a production database for 10 minutes straight"

    to which Darrel Responds:

    "Kyle, there is something similar to what you are asking for. Check out the Query Governor Cost Limit Option for SQL Server configuration: ( "

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