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Cool Bookmarks manager

Iv'e decided to let you know about the most valuable net tool i use - PowerMarks.

It stores massive amounts of bookmars, but not in a hirarchical way, but in a list, allowing you to find one very fast by just typing letters. you can add keywords for them and let them have ratings. very nice, and easy to use. great for someone like me who works almos solely with the keyboard when possible. I have about 400 bookmarks, but it never takes me long then about 3 seconds to find the one i need. totally amazing.

What's really the coolest feature is that you get to sign up for a free account and store the bookmarks on THEIR servers. then you can just connect from home with Powemarks, and synchronize with the bookmarks from the web.  how come noone thought of this before? i find a cool link, i bookmark it, and when i get home i press one button and get all the links i found at work. Slick.

it's also a very simple concept. i guess i need to build me one of those and save the fare...

does anyone else know cool NET tools?


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