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Cool site: Software Reality

An innocent link in Benjamin's blog lead me to this very nice site about software development. It contains a lot of articles about lots of stuff, most with a touch of satire in them, but it all seems like its a very good read. The reason I like the site is because it seems to have lots of articles about XP and agile development, book reviews and so on. It's also one of the few places so far where I have seen a look at XP practices with a grain of salt, and bothers to give some good reasons for it. Not everything is hunky Dorry about it, according to them, and I always like to hear a second opinion.

In fact, the “this sucks and here's why” opinions are usually the the ones you learn the most from.  For example, when I plan to buy a book at Amazon, I always look for reviews that gave the book bad ratings. Why? Because if I can't find anything there that I think is viable, and there are enough good reviews for the book, there's a good chance the book might be what it's cover pretends to be. Mad readers are the best way to know if a book sucks. The same goes for other areas. If a company wants to know if it has any problems or possible ways to improve and do better, it should talk directly to those who say it has problems or those who will never buy from it.. If a practice it discouraged by parts of the community, a big why is a must from those that are in charge of this practice. Usually, you get to learn something new in the process, or at least discover a new way to look at things.

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