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Data Access application block v3.0 has some good stuff

Ugh. We just found out that our car's window has been smashed and the radio-disc has been taken. This happens in the same week that my wife has a small accident with a city bus smashing into her car(she's alrught!), and the day after that her shoes tear up in the middle of the street, making her walk to work barefoot. Hell of a week.

Meanwhile Fabrice reports there's a version 3.0 of the data access application block! This one introduces support for generic provider interfaces, so you can use it to work against not just SQL server, but against anything with an IdbConnection interface (Oracle, ODBC...). Another cool thing I've noticed in this version - it has a whole solution of Unit Tests against the application block. I think that is a great example of real-world unit testing, and will be looking deep into how they tackle the issue of testing components that are supposed to work against a database.

Cool site: Software Reality

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