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Passed MCP 70-316

Today was a good day.

Got up at 7am(on a Friday - that's a Saturday for you US folks) and drove Tal to her university course, and I myself headed over to “John Brice” IT schools HQ and took my first MCP exam related to .Net - 70-316 (Windows apps with C#). Passed the exam with a 915 score. Yey! It ended up easier than I thought. If you have enough experience, the answers to most questions are simply logical conclusions, denying the applicability of the other answers possible answers..

The test itself was more relevant for today's developer than the VB6 tests I took back at 1999. The questions seemed to be more measuring real world experience(sure there are those pesky syntax questions but not all of them), which I like.

So, Next up is web applications I think. Though this will be harder, since I have far less experience with that area. Still, a good day :)

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