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Just wanted to add the following items about yesterday's event:



·         I got to meet some of my old work colleagues

·         I got to meet the head of the ASP.NET user group, Nimrod, which is a cool guy. The idea came up thay I would use one of the MSFT community starter kits to setup a website for that user group. I'm still pondering whethet I'm up for it...

·         I got a chance to mingle a little at the event, and I finally met Michal Geva face to face. Can you believe that until a few months ago I didn't even know who she is?

·         Got to meet up with some of Yosi taguri's crew.

·         Got to mingle with some other great people!


I'll say this about the Israeli developer crowd, though. I think we're a much more closed-up  group of people than from what I've seen in other conferences(Well, I haven't been to that many of them, but that's the feeling I get).

When "Ask the experts" time came, Most of the people preferred to go home(you could also get to dive in the hotel pool if you wanted ,but only 5% brought a swimsuit..), or just sit aside. Out of about 400-500 attendees, I think less then 50 actually took part in the "experts" booth, asking questions and so on. I think that's the easiest way to identify those who truly "get" it. Let all the rest go and see who's left with some hardcore questions, or even just to listen to some hardcore answers….





·         1 .Net Beach Towel

·         1 VS.NET T-Shirt

·         1,000,000 marketing papers

·         1 Technet Webast sampler CD ROM

·         1 Teched 2003 memories CD(I wasn't there, but it was nice to see that at least someone had fun...)

·         4 potnetial Job oppertunities

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