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ILdotNet - Israel's .Net User Group Information Center

(this only applies to folks living in Israel)
I got tired of always looking up some specific user group's site, and what's the next meeting and all that.
So I made this site:
Here are the current site features:
  • A calendar showing the user group meetings and other .Net events for the next month.
  • Downloads: Links to download all the latest slides and code from all the user group meetings in the last month.
  • Contact info to all the user group leaders (you might want to suggest topics and such)
  • links to all the user groups
  • Site news - you can subscribe via RSS. These will include news of important stuff in the .Net community and whatever else I can think of.
  • A few bugs and glitches here and there.
I need good people to help me administrate this site and help me add content. Contact me through the “Share with us” link on the main page if you want to help.

Happy Birthday (or: throwing your wife from an airplane for good causes)

Thanks for the System.Web.Mail FAQ, Dave