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Happy Birthday (or: throwing your wife from an airplane for good causes)

'twas a good weekend start, and one day still left!
Thursday night (official work week end, Friday we don't work, but Sunday we do) Tal and me went to a dance club (TLV if you know it) and partied like it was 1999. Really - I was wiggling my tush for 3.5 hours straight and could not get enough of the great music, great sound and amazing club arrangement.
Today I gave Tal her birthday present. It was a surprise present and she didn't know up until 5 minutes before what it was going to be. Her birthday was last week but we I decided to give the “present” on a separate occasion due to time constraints.
So, after partying all night at the club, we went to sleep at about 4.30am. I made us get up at 9am and told her to put on some comfortable clothes, hiking shoes and something to read. We drove about 40 minutes up north (near Zichron) and went up to a beach called “habonim” which is a beautiful stretch of sandy beach with lots of water sports stuff. I then let her know that today she was going to skydive from 12,000 feet, falling for 55 seconds at an air speed of about 200 km per hour, followed by about 3-4 minutes of parachuting over an amazing view of our shoreline. All this was going to be photographed, videoed and packaged for us when we finish this, about 2 hours later.
The look on her face when I told her was worth all the planning.
We got to the small air strip where a small plane kept taking up skydivers, young and old, newbies and experienced, 14 at a time, and dropping them right above our heads. Man it was beautiful.
When the skydive was done and I came to meet her in the landing zone the smile on her face could have lit up a thousand dark cubicles, and it lasted for the rest of the day. Probably will last for the rest of the week.
Yep, I won some points today. Sad thing, like any good husband I know it's not going to last long. It never does ;)

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