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Problem And Solution: "Login failes for some users on a DotNetNuke based portal"

This was bothering me for a while now, but I've figured it out.
If you're DotNetNuke based site suffers from the “Impossible Login Phantom” problem which is described as:
“Some of my users can login to the site just fine, but some try to login and nothing happens, they just get back into the login dialog with no feedback of what the problem is. ”
You're in good company. The solution to this is problem is pretty simple: this is a cookie issue. The users need to allow third party cookies. That means that
  • in IE, go to Tools->Internet options->Privacy tab.
  • Set the slider to “Low“ if it was higher than that.
That's it. If the slider was already “Low” or lower, I can't help you, but it certainly solved the issue for me.
Now, can function again. Hope to see you there (If you're from Israel).
Found the solution through this forum:
Note: It's not that I don't want to see you there if you're not from Israel, it's just that it's a site for Israeli .Net User. groups. Deal with it :)
Update: There are better, a little more secure ways to allow this. I outline them in this page.

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