Yeah, I've been busy. Real busy. That is, I no longer can get up at 11:00 and go to sleep at 6 AM kinda busy.

On Sunday I've signed up to start a full time job at Magen, a Microsoft Technology Center (not Microsoft, but a private company) located in Israel as a dev lead. I started on Monday and ever since I've been heads down trying to get into the main stream and start swimming with the big sharks. Alas, I had no time to blog or even read blogs for the past week :(

However, that does not mean I will stop. Nope. One thing that I insisted on was the that I would be able to continue my community efforts. So, you'll still see me on the 17th of this month at the C# user's group, I'll keep grooming and nurturing my new web-baby, I'll be at Tech-Ed, and continue to have the fun I had when I was on my own. Only now, from this place, I'll be able to “jump” to new heights of understanding, resources and overall level of work. It feels like an amazing opportunity and I really don't wanna screw this up. So far it's been a rush of a zillion things to learn, a million people to meet and 100,000 directories to remember. 


Application Security through Active Directory and ADAM

Problem And Solution: "Login failes for some users on a DotNetNuke based portal"