I'm happy to annouce that today I've signed on for my new Job. yey!

My new company is Identify. Some of the folks I talked to know about them. They (Or rather "we") make a product called "AppSight Black Box" which I won't go into details about. You can check out the site if you want to learn more.

I'll have to check how they feel about my blog. What can I publish here about my work? What *can't* I? Maybe I can use it to get in touch with the .Net community and get feedback from other developers on some of the product's features? I don't know how this will turn out, we'll have to wait and see.

I start on the 10th of August. Until then I'll need to break in the "new guy" in my old company as gently as possible, and then have a small vacation in greece before the big fresh start.

Hey, Microsoft, you just missed me! :)

Cheer up Jeff. You can get the job you want

Third prize found!