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Explorer Tips and tricks for the keyboard junkie

Windows Trick o' the Day

I knew this trick existed, but I couldn't remember it. If you to drill down through your directory structure all the time, this is a real time saver. In Windows Explorer, you can highlight a folder and full expand it (and it's children) using the * key on your far right keypad. Using the - key will contract all folders. Other good Windows tricks I know are using the Win Key (that's the one with the Windows logo on it). Win+r = run, Win+e = explorer and Win+d = desktop. And last but not least, in Win2K+ right-click >> Properties on My Computer will get you to System Properties. If you have other good tips for Red Hat 8, OS X or Windows - please share!

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Here are some more:

* Win+m = see desktop

* CTRL-Shift+Esc : Open the win task manager

* Alt+Space: Open the window system menu (Top left corner menu)

(I use a combination of the upper two + 'n' to quickly open and minimize my Task manager. I like to keep an eye on the CPU as i work.I  Just choose Options-Hide when minimized to see it only in the tray area...)

* Alt+PrintScreen : Capture the Active window not the whole screen

* here's a neat little one : When you are typing a URL (or any address) in the explorer window,use CTRL+BackSpace to Delete the last hirarchy word(up until the previous slash..

* Alt+Down : Open the active combo dropdown


* How to email a document through explorer without using the mouse:

There is a "context menu" key on most new keyboard which is usually to the right of the right-side windows key(with a small arrow and menu picture on it". this does a right-click on the active document in explorer.

* If your really into working exclusivley with the keyboard, i recomment Hot Keyboard Pro (There is also a light version free) that can automate practically anything, including mouse and keytrokes...

* About using Explorer: I've long stopped using windows explorer and am using Total Commander. A relic of the old DOS days, this is a two-paned file manager that was ported to windows(A-la Norton commander style) and is one of the best selling file managers out there. Granted - it's not pretty, but it is a keyboard junkie's heaven , and there is practically nothing you can't do with it.

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