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Ask The Pros - Keyboard Shortcut Junkies (and some extra shortcuts from me)

Jim Holmes has the latest batch of "Ask The Pros", this time on Keyboard Shortcuts. If you haven't been using the keyboard much inside Visual Studio, you could do well by taking a look at the article.
Oh, and two shortcuts that I forgot to talk about there are:
Press Ctrl-X or Ctrl-C in a line where you have *no selection* - and you'll automatically copy or cut the entire current line. Save lots of time and pain, and just isn't well known.
Another tidbit everyone should know:
If you have a message box popup in Windows (any message box, like an error dialog or such, not just from within Visual Studio), you can simply press Ctrl-C when the dialog is active, and you'll be copying the text of the entire dialog to the windows clipboard. You'll hear a little sound to tell you that it worked, too.
If you've found yourself pressing "PrtScn" to save the message text, this should be a nice way to get rid of that.

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