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Favorite Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Jon Galloway has some cool shortcuts for windows , some of which I hadn't considered before:

The System Tray (oops, I mean Notification Tray) is a bit tough to get to if you don't know the trick, and it seems like everything wants to minimize there nowadays.
Win-B / Enter to show hidden icons (if necessary) / Right arrow / Right-click button (or Shift-F10)

Quick Launch also requires some keyboard trickery:
WinKey (press and release) / Tab / Right arrow

Jon is also very right in pointing to the "Context Menu" keyboard key which many MS keyboards have. It saves going to the mouse a lot (I use it to fix typos in word a lot!)


Some favorites of my own:

  • Ctrl-Shift-Esc : Open Task Manager
  • Alt-Space, then (X - Maximize windows, N -Minimize window)
  • WinKey-M : Show Desktop
  • WinKey- R : Open the "Run" Dialog
  • WinKey - L: Lock windows or Switch user (depends on OS)
  • You know Alt-Tab, but did you know about Alt-Shift-Tab??
  • Same goes for Ctrl-Shift-Tab (goes backwards)
  • Ctrl-\   - Delete the last word (in many apps includin Explorer, and the post editor for this blog)


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