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Train to be a Keyboard Master with Keyboard Jedi

Key Jedi allows learning and training to use keyboard shortcuts. It can be used in presentations, screencasts and videos, as well as when working with someone else on the same machine to teach new shortcuts. It shows a visual list of shortcuts as you type them, no matter what application you work in. It is free, simple and quick to use.

Download Here (with source code on github)

Version 1.5 is out, and this one has some major new abilities:

  • Force yourself to only use the keyboard on a specific application

Press Ctrl-Shift-Alt-F12 when in any application, and KJ will confine the mouse cursor to its own window, as long as that other application is active. this will force you to go “Mouseless” just for that specific application. Press Ctrl-Shift-Alt-F12 again to stop this.

  • When showing someone cool keyboard tricks, you can attach “memos” to shortcuts you pressed

Just double click on a list item inside Key Jedi, and you can add a short line to remember what that shortcut does. Later you can right click in the KJ list, and save all the memos to the clipboard, so you can paste them into a document and print them for later memorization

  • Enable or disable special keys from being shown

In the config file, you can enable showing tabs, enter, page up and pagedown, or to set it to work with Visual Studio only.

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