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[Cool Tool]Unlocker : Unlock Files/Folders without going nuts

Jean Paul Boodhoo has a nice tidbit about a new free tool called Unlocker that helps detect and actually unlock "locked" files in Windows. You know, those ones that seem to be held by some unknown entity on your machine.

Process Explorer is good to find that out, but Unlocker seems to have not only  better usability for this task (Simply right click on the file/folder and select "Unlocker"), it actually has more abilities and ways to make a file/folder unlocked (such as unloading a dll, which ProcessExplorer does not do, I believe).
Jean Paul adds:
"It actually gets better though. If you try to delete a folder that has a lock on it, unlocker will automatically pop up and allow you to perform an unlock or a kill process. "
Cool tool Indeed!

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