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[Cool Tool] CodeSmart 2007 for VB6 - The Killer Addin for VB6

The guys at AxTools are at it again, with CodeSmart 2007 for VB6. If you still do VB6 development (and I know plenty of places that still do (mostly because they have no choice), this is the tool you'd want to get.

The features it adds to the VB6 IDE are too many to list here, but you can see a good summary on the product page. I've used this addin since it first came out, and still am one of its biggest supporters. It outshines any other addin for VB6 I know with features and power. The only thing it *does not* have is Refactoring support, which is the top wish list for VB6 on my mind.


So what *does* it have? Perhaps this little snapshot will help convince you that it takes VB6 to the next level, almost VS 2005-like with tabbed documents, auto-text (aka snippets), code navigator and plenty plenty more:


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