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Cool Tool: vRD - Multiple Remote Desktops in one program

If you do a lot of administration on remote machines concurrently, you might know that there are some programs out there that allow you to control multiple remote desktops under the same window.

One of the best free solutions I've come to love in this area is VisionApp Remote Desktop, or "vRD":


Not only does it handle the desktops easily and without any exceptions along the way, it also allows you to watch each desktop either inside a "multi-tab" interface, or as a full screen (which still does not cover your own machine's task bar - which I like).

Another cool feature about it is that you have a "thumbnail" view of your running remote connections in the main page of the program (kinda like "Virtual Server" showing off the currently running machines - only it's a static image that only updates when that special tab is activated)

Another cool feature is the ability to "Auto-Login" - you specify login credentials on each connection, or in a root node that your connections are located under, and they all inherit those login credentials.

very easy to use - I've used it successfully in many occasions.

The only drawback is that they require registration to download this software - luckily - they don't check by email whether you are legit or not - so I was able to give them my Mailinator email address and get away with it.

If you don't know what Mailinator is - it's one of the worst things that have happened to spammers: instant email address that destroys its own messages within 24 hours. no login required to get in, you just give "whatever" @ and go to that site and type your email address and can see what people have sent you there. great for when you need stuff one-time but don't want to give your real email address right away..

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