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Stuff to know about the Data Application Block

  • Version 3.0 has been out for a while.

    Version 3 of this block is out there, kicking some serious butt. This version has unit tests to go along with it and it fixes a bug that was found in version 2. Get version 3 from here.  Find out about the bug here.

  • The new version adds support for some generic ADO.Net interfaces. This means you can use it with different DB providers while utilizing the same interface.

  • It's almost always OK to discover stored procedure parameters automatically. Underneath, the parameter discovery happens only once per stored procedure, and is then saved in a parameter cache object for future calls to that sproc. A single extra call for the added simplicity of coding against the block and saving many many lines of code filling parameter arrays.
  • If you're using version 2.0, it has a bug.

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