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How to schedule an online meeting between totally different time zones

So what do you do when you want to setup an online meeting with a person on another part of the world? Scheduling sucks. I just found this little gem: It's the online meeting planner. It lets you enter 2 or more places around the world where the meeting is to take place, and set the required meeting date. I put in Los Angeles and Tel Aviv. You then get this (partial paste).
This color represents the night time or normal sleeping hours
This color represents the first half of day when most people are at work
This color represents the second half of day when people are awake but not necessarily at work
Obviously from this table I can deduct that the best time for both parties would be around 8 AM LA time(if I were a regular working man). However, since I'm self employed, this could easily move into the 9-10 AM time slot where I can sit back and relax with a nice cup of coffee in front of my machine having my important chat.
Ain't that cool?

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