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Experiment: Free advertising on this blog

Update: Already got two- . 1 to go...
Let's make this more interesting. If you submit an ad without the offer code (not free), I'll get rid of the Google ads today and your ad stays on top for the duration requested (1 week - 3 months), meaning it stays visible without scrolling on every page of this blog.
I'm going to try a little experiment. Hopefully, this should benefit everyone involved. I'm going to allow targeted advertising on my blog, for free, for a period of 2 weeks. If all goes well, I'll get rid of Google ads, and only keep BlogAds (so only one ad will be on the blog at all times)
I could use the money to buy books online, pay for the various materials I purchase and basically pay for the time I spend on this blog. Yes, I'd spend the time anyway, but it would be nice to have some virtual cash to spend at Amazon or eBay for it, so I can get interesting stuff to talk about on the blog and to use in my personal life.
Hopefully, the readers will like the ads and click on them, and I can prove that the ads are actually good enough to publish, and are not too crappy for this blog, and prove to advertisers that my blog is worth advertising on.
Hopefully, the advertisers will realize that they are getting good hits and will want to continue to put up ads out of their own pocket when the two weeks are over.
If you're selling a product, book or cool website that you think might be related to anyone reading this blog, this is your chance to put up an ad that will appear on the top left of this blog, right below the Google Ads (The ad for The Regulator is an example).
The ad only goes up if I personally believe the product suggested is of any value, so that the readers know that any ad put up here is my own personal choice.
Go to this link: and put up your ad as a suggestion. if/when I approve it, it will appear immediately.
Use the following offer code on the page to allow free submission: i41magile
The first 3 advertisers will get 2 weeks free (no need to order more than 2 weeks. No money actually has to be paid, or reimbursed). 
This offer is valid until the end of this month (December 1st 00:00 GMT+2)
I'm only publishing stuff I can personally attest to. For example, Reshaper, Code Smart, FinalBuilder. If any of these companies approached me with an ad, they would get one (hint!). If you have an interesting book, website or blog, developer tool, addin, IDE or anything to do with .NET or agile development I might be interested in publishing it.
For more information contact me directly at Roy at . Let's see if the experiment works.

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