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Reading habtis - total agreement

Ingo Rammer points out that his reading habits have changed and now reads mainly thourhg RSS feeds.

Although i am quite new to blogs and RSS feeds, i can certainly say that my habtis are starting to change as well. I mainly use NewGator to read feeds but mostly for weblogs,nothing else.

I still think that reading a site through an RSS feed is the lesser experience and you lose a lot of visual satifaction. Yes, you get the info directly, but the web for me is not just info. sometimes i'll see a nice link on a page or something really cool like flash animation,stuff which an rss feed usually cannot show.

And of course, What good is the web if you can't anger yourself with the occasional popup window or a small redirect... ;)

RSS feeds are not for newbies, but should be

when you have a cat