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I missed a post for the last time... Ever saw a post about a day ago on the dotnetweblogs.com home page and then it dissapears and you have no idea who posted it? Wish that other bloggers showed on that page too (like Don or Clemens)? Well, I did and I do and rather than dreaming of what could be, I decided to do something about it. Here is the result of a few hours of early morning work:


Some cool features behind the scenese, like adding metadata to the RSS that I am getting. Had to put in some special cases for bloggers like Don that don't use a pubDate tag (luckily, the guid tag the gotdotnet guys are using contains a date, so I can parse out that and move it into the pubDate tag) and those that don't have a dc:creator tag.

If you just want the feed, you can get it at http://www.activehead.com/DotNetWeblogs/rss/rss.xml

If I am missing some of your favorite .NET feeds (which I know is the case), feel free to add them to the feed list!

Posted By Jesse Ezell at 4/5/2003 9:40 PM

Great idea, although i don't see a 'search' link up there? is that the general idea? Plus - I stupidly added a link to this blog on there - and not to the RSS link either - to the actual web site of the blog . I know, stupid me. So i went ahhead a posted this blog with its RSS link. Only then do i discover that Feeds on DotNetWeblogs are automatically archived." erm. oops! sorry. So now i have two links up there ;) *shy smile*.Guess I should have RTFM..... sorry about that.


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