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Speaking of - they have a wonderful new look both on the blogs and on the main page!
They recently upgraded to Community Server 2.0 and it seems like a wonderful idea. Which makes me wonder: When is going to get that much needed upgrade?
It's been a couple of months already if I recall correctly, and still no word. Have we been forgotten? Is there a plan to actually do this some day? Should bloggers who want the new CS 2 features just move away to other places like, etc?
Is anyone going to step up and actually tell us what's going to happen?
Alex Lowe (from Telligent) responds in the comments:
"We said that we'd perform an upgrade when we shipped CS 2.0. At the time, back in October we thought we'd ship CS 2.0 in early January but we slipped back to late February. The delay in the CS 2.0 RTM caused a delay in the upgrade. I posted to the forum created for the bloggers on giving a timeline that we are working towards for the upgrade. "
Thanks for the update Alex. At least we know were things stand now. CS2 looks like such a great release, it's tough to sit on the sidelines and watch *everybody else* get it...
Update 2:
One thing I don't get fully: A lot of bloggers on this site are not primarily "ASP.NET" bloggers, but generic .NET bloggers (myself included). Lots of folks got started on this site before it was renamed "". In fact, the original name for this site was  "" (still redirects to this URL too).
The URL name is somewhat problematic in that regard, since suddenly lots of people regard this as a web development blogger effort, which is not entirely true.
Lots of posts about all things .NET (and some not) can be found here, and there is great content to be found.
I know that the guys at have developed some tool to let you export all the weblog content from your old blog into a new database. Perhaps they'd be kind enough to share it with the community?

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