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Upgrading from a slow and painful death

Omer writes eloquently about the slow death of
"Time passed and as it did, more and more weblogs went the way of weblogs and were never again posted to, while other writers kept theirs alive by the sheer power of their collective will. The sense of community - of equality between fellow developers across corporate boundaries - had been lost to the capitalistic PR ambitions of the behemoth that is Microsoft. The application running the server was left to die the death of unupgraded software and the good name of dwindled and shrunk to what it is today."
Yes. Promises have been made, But an unnamed source at Microsoft tells me that upgrading took so long that nobody at Telligent or at Microsoft really has an interest or energy to invest in upgrading I'm not sure how true that really is. I hear conflicting rumors all the time. It would be a shame if that was the case. It would be insulting, actually.
Is there anyone from Microsoft who'd like to respond to this with a big "NO" or a "yeah, you're right"?
Probably not. But then again, people have proved me wrong on several occasions on this blog. Perhaps this is just another chance to do the exact same thing.

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