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A little DotNetWebloggers uproar

Update: Alex Lowe of Telligent posts the following in response:
"I've created a forum that will make it easy for us (Telligent) to share information and solicit feedback from the bloggers here at However, I need you to send me your username so I can add you to the appopriate role and give you more details. If you are interested in this kind of interaction then please send me your username via .
You can, of course, continue to post in the public whatever you want about Telligent. The forum will simply be a mechanism for us to share information that only pertains to the bloggers. "
[Sending an email through the contact form seems broken, I just sent my email directly to alowe at ]

Lance Hunt wrote in a blog post a lot of things that I think many bloggers feel, including myself. There are many comments and further discussion by lance on this issue, all in all, a very important one for both MS and the bloggers here.
I can't say that it's impossible to live without upgrades to this site, but it does make you wonder. Personally, I'm enjoying the vast attention this site gets and is one of the main reasons I'm staying here. I miss the fact that the main page used to have a list of bloggers by the number of posts. It was really helpful to someone coming into the site to catch the top bloggers, the ones who write the most posts, plus, it felt like a large family. Now, the MSDN bloggers get upgrades while the "other" bloggers don't. That kinda sucks as a management decision, don't you think?
So, this site needs a caring parent. For the past half year or even more, it didn't have that (or at least the parent was staying somewhere else).

FinalBuilder is approaching version 4, and still the coolest build tool out there

My blog is not worthless after all