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how do you make your .NET application scriptable?

One of the last big projects i have done in VB 6.0 was creating an inhouse system that was also totally scriptable, using MS Script control. the user could react to ecents raised by the aplication, and interact and write whole scripts using it's rich object model. it was quite powerful. It used the very cool and free CodeSense syntax editor control, and was my pride and joy.

The question arises whether this possibility remains in managed languages. What is the way to develop scriptable applications using C#? are there any scripting libraries? or perhaps i should investigate the whole reflection or compilerServices namespaces..

My guess is it is probably harder to implement such functionality then it was using MSSCRIPT, although not impossible. I think that there is probably more internal support for this and one can do much more then VBScript style scripting, one can do full managed scripting (probably) with type checking and everything. How to do this without building your own little C# compiler still remains to be seen for me. will keep you updated as to developments...



Title: Check out this article
Posted Date: 2/18/2003 10:02 AM
There was an article in the August issue of MSDN Mag, actually written by Chris Sells.. check it out here.

I am diving in as we speak! thanks!

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Why is this missing from C#?