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nsh - A tool to run .NET source files like script files.

nsh - A tool to run .NET source files like script files.


From the site:

.NET currently lacks a freely-available scripting language (like WSH VBScript / JScript). nsh allows you to compile and run a .NET sourcefile with nearly the same convenience as running a WSH script, and better enables using .NET for scripting tasks. It's especially useful for running .NET scripts on servers that may not have VS.NET installed. An alternative to the NAnt build tool for simple ad-hoc needs.

There are other similar tools (see Related Articles below)--this one primarily differs in being implemented in vbscript / wsh, since one primary goal was to have an any-server-friendly "xcopy deploy" (no setup or registrations). It supports optional .config and .configscc files (the latter allows specifying that the latest be pulled from sourcesafe each time before compiled and run). The standard debug .pdb file is always generated, so any .NET debugger may be used if desired with the generated .exe.


I like it. I can see some very powerful things done with this, and it's pretty darn simple to use.

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