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[Cool Tool] XML Visualizer for Visual Studio .NET 2003

Just got an email from a guy named Michael Bouck about a cool new addin he made. Perhaps he should have added it to Project Distributor as well?:

"Hi Roy,

Love your blog feed -- keep it up! I noticed a while back that you blogged about Mohammed Barqawi's QuickWatch for a DataSet VS.NET add-in. I thought the idea was compelling too and over the holidays decided to see how far I could take it (turns out pretty far!) The result is now posted over on GotDotNet: -- check it out!"


And here's what is says on the GDN site:

XMLViz - Summary:

XML Visualizer for Visual Studio .NET 2003 (XMLVIZ) allows you to visualize most XML and XML-backed data sources during runtime a la Whidbey's "debugger visualizers". The difference is you don't have to wait for VS.NET 2005 because XMLVIZ will work with your copy of VS.NET 2003 today! XMLVIZ is implemented as a VS.NET add-in and, once installed, is activated by highlighting any supported, initialized type instance during a debugging session, right-clicking on the selection to bring-up the context menu, and selecting the "XML Visualizer" menu item. The add-in will then grab the XML out of the selected target instance and display it on a modal dialog along with the schema (if available). For ADO.NET types, the data is also bound to a grid to allow navigation, row-filtering, and row version inspection.

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